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About MIKA

Ok, my name is not MIKA. It's Anda. Hi!

MIKA was a name that came to me when I was thinking about this business and it stuck - here's why:

I was born and raised in Transylvania (still think it's so cool to say out loud), and in Romanian, 'mica' means 'the little one'. No matter how small this business starts or how big it gets, I wanted the name to always remind me to keep the spirit of a small environment, where every client and interaction is the most important one, and as close and personal as on day one.

I'm a big fan of wine and French music while cooking. The smirk is my signature smile move.

And I looove styling! I love moodboards, fabric, plates and bowls, textures, paper, text and layouts and blending these in unique ways to showcase the magic that YOU do!

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